HEART LIKE A WHEEL-The Jimmy Gordon Story

 One of Global Media’s current projects in preproduction -a made for television feature film about racing legend, Jimmy Gordon.

The young 3 time California State Racing Champion blessed with the dashing good looks of a movie star, was scheduled to drive the Indianapolis 500 and considered one of the greatest race car drivers of his time. It all ended at one of the most tragic racing events in history.

Three brave men died on one day including the indescribable fire ball crash of the Legendary Champion,  Jimmy Gordon.

All this took place on the oldest dirt track in America. The 1 mile track held America’s first dirt race in 1913 and remained a fixture of West Coast racing for three quarters of a century. Immediately ensuing the event, the track was torn down and forgotten .

The entire racing community was in shock of this incredulous tragedy.

The story depicts the exciting life of this legendary driver and how this tragedy affected a community.

The true life story of a man who wouldn’t lose and a story that couldn’t be forgotten.


Jimmy Gordon, claiming another trophy dash and on his way to winning 25 main events this year.