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Welcome to GlobalEntertainmentTV

Established in 1991 Global Media is a full service ad agency producing over 1,000 Television shows, 6,000 TV commercials and hundreds of websites.

Global media has worked on assignments for all the major cable networks, broadcasters and satellite providers. This experience has provided an extensive background in licensing and syndicating original content footage and TV series.

Global products include Marketing, building Television Channels for Cable, Satellite and Internet distribution, online revenue generation, advanced strategizing across all forms of telephony including social platforms to create a seamless integrated campaign that is balanced and proportional.

Our job one is to achieve our client’s desired goals. Global doesn’t just provide one service but all your marketing bundled. For those who want to be more hands on we can work with you and advise you. We can advise you on your deployment of resources across the full spectrum of marketing avenues. This only comes from 35 years of experience spending millions of dollars in marketing and a breadth of knowledge that’s exclusively available to all our customers.

FULL INTERNET SERVCIES- Websites, Driving Internet Revenue, Consulting, Hosting, writing / Blogging, SEO, SEM everything your company will need to translate to the internet.

TELEVISION AND FILM- Production, post production facilities and equipment all in house. Utilize the experienced and creative copy writing all the way to answer print.

AD AGENCY- Conceptualizing, straitening across the full breadth of telephony with over 35 years of experience. Choose your ad agency by experience and their customer’s success.

INTERNET- Working extensively with developers in the Valley and worldwide enables the resource capabilities of Global Media. No matter the project it will be done on time and on budget.

PUBLIC RELATIONS- This is as much art as execution. It’s simple to say always use a lawyer when needed and the same goes for advertising needs.

All of this in one convenient call

Some Companies never get the opportunity to succeed because they made the wrong choices. Choose wisely and you can win too.- Richard Ditlevsen, HOF Founder of Global Media

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HEART LIKE A WHEEL-The Jimmy Gordon Story

 One of Global Media's current projects in preproduction -a made for television feature film about racing legend, Jimmy Gordon. The young 3 time California State Racing Champion blessed with the dashing good looks of a movie star, was scheduled to drive the Indianapolis 500 and considered one of the greatest race car…
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Global Media keeps their clients current of technology and techniques. As you know the internet is changing at an exponential rate. It's expanding faster than people can keep up with it. There was a time when a single web developer could stay abreast of the ever changing web complexities. However…
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Global Media has some of the most prolific copy writers and bloggers in the world. They are known for creating compelling content for television, magazines and websites. For those businesses that need copy writing, blogs or other online content using Global Media makes sense. Staffed with highly experienced professional copy writers…
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Richard G. Ditlevsen Jr. has been in the TV business for thirty years and has worked for the National Enquirer producing their two page double truck centerfolds. He set several sales records of 4.2 million magazines in a week. A record that still stands today as the most magazines ever…
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